Einhorn Illustration mit Handlettering von Jessica Ringelstein

Unicorn Power!

I admit: There is a unicorn overkill.
Cute little unicorns are all over the internet and in every store. But they are not just cute and cuddly! They are rare and strong and dangerous!

So this illustration is for all the Power Unicorns our there, who prove on a daily basis that they aren't just cute and cuddly but also assertive and strong.

Work in Progress

In this case I made a rough sketch, took a photo of it and worked directly in ProCreate on my iPad Pro.

One of the coolest features of ProCreate is the timelapse function. This way I can show you how I work and what it takes to get to the end result.

Selbstportrait Jessica Ringelstein

Jessica Ringelstein

Designer, Lettering Enthusiast and American Football Referee

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